S.T.E.M. Star

Today we started to talk about our S.T.E.M. Star project (Due Thursday 9/14).

Here is the list of “Stars” to choose from.

Select a STAR, begin doing some research and reply with a comment about which STAR you chose. Otherwise, tell me who you chose on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. A

Sir Isaac Newton Dianne Fossey Marie Curie Steve Jobs
Albert Einstein Charles Darwin Stephen Hawking Nikola Tesla
Alexander Graham Bell Gregor Mendel George Washington Carver Enrico Fermi
Leonardo DaVinci Steve Wozniak Bill Nye Henry Ford
Elon Musk Edwin Hubble Carl Sagan Rachel Carson
Archimedes Pythagoras Fibonacci Ada Lovelace
Jane Goodall Timothy Berners-Lee Gustave Eiffel Bill Gates
Buzz Aldrin Alfred Nobel Sally Ride Mae Jemison
Neil deGrasse-Tyson Katherine Johnson Benjamin Franklin James Watson

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