Real Numbers Vocab

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  • Posted: September 12, 2016 22:12


    An easy way to understand the definition of real numbers.
  • Posted: September 14, 2016 00:39

    Jason chauvrt

    I looked over the flash cards and thy are not bad
  • Posted: September 14, 2016 03:30

    Aaliyah Parker

    hey this is Aaliyah from your first period 8th grade class. i have learned that irrational numbers are really different from rational numbers. irrational numbers cant be written as a fraction,but rational numbers can be written as a fraction.
  • Posted: September 14, 2016 03:31

    Aaliyah Parker

    and i have commented this comment on the wrong one before...
  • Posted: September 20, 2016 03:45

    seyda caguana

    i have study for 20 min and yeah
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