Lake Effect Snow

Most people don’t know what Lake Effect Snow is, and probably never even heard of it before unless they grew up in Upstate, NY…like me!  As many of you know I’m from Binghamton, NY, lived there until I moved to the Hudson Valley to attend college and decided this area would be my new home…but I digress.  Lake Effect Snow.  It can be a rather debilitating weather event!

Due to the large amounts of moisture picked up from the lake as well as the frigid temperatures and winds, you get some fast moving weather systems as shown in this video. Buffalo, NY (about 3 hours west of Binghamton) was caught in a major snow storm thanks to Lake Effect Snow, and though it was only November 18th, many areas had about 3ft. of precipitation…CRAZY!! Since yesterday close to 5 feet have fallen!!!  Note: This is a time lapse video…NOT a real-time event. Leave a comment on your thoughts of the video. Can you explain Lake Effect Snow?


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