Parts of a graph

We learned about the TYPES of graphs, now we are learning about the parts of a graph. Use the flashcards to help you learn the difference between the x-axis & y-axis, manipulated & responding variable along with their location on a line graph.

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  • Posted: November 14, 2014 21:56


    Steven rivera-I love this website. I learned a lot of new stuff. I learned about parts of a graph that didn't even know! I also learned alot synonyms
  • Posted: November 14, 2014 21:57


    Owen-I give a star to everyone of the flash cards and it was fun,i also created a quiz-let account. smile smile smile!
  • Posted: November 16, 2014 02:07


    Ghyscard =ilearned alot from t
  • Posted: November 16, 2014 14:11


    Joselyn- This part of the graph studying liked a lot.
  • Posted: November 17, 2014 13:16


    Johny- I like the website and the others games such as Speller that I learned and study them
  • Posted: November 17, 2014 13:18


    Johny- This website helps me a lot and learn new things such as new defnitions
  • Posted: November 17, 2014 13:35


    sherley-i realy like this studing straigey my sister tested me with ist really fun!!!
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