Scientific Method

We are starting our topic on the Scientific Method! Here are some wonderful resources to help you review, refresh & remind yourself of the steps to completing the scientific method
First up are flashcards from Quizlet to help you study & review the key vocabulary terms. There are lots of ways to study & play games to help you memorize and prepare for your quizzes!

Next up is a great little demo from Sesame Street on determining if certain objects will sink or float. It clearly explains the concept of the scientific method….I’ve always loved Sesame Street no matter my age!

Finally we have a video from Scholastic Study Jams on Scientific Methods. I really love how this video helps break down the process so it is easier to understand. Plus there is a karaoke feature along with a way to test yourself!


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  • Posted: September 16, 2014 19:17

    Donna Thomas

    Great ideas for making learning interesting and fun.
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