20 Things We Should Say More Often

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and just as the name says….it is a time to give Thanks.  “Thank you” is one of the 20 things that Kid President says we should say more often.  I love Kid President and his messages.  He has a lot of good stuff to say & because he is a “kid”, my student’s tend to listen to what he has to say, more so than if I made these statements.  So to start off the Thanksgiving Cheer, I would like to say Thank you to my students this year.  They have helped make me a better teacher, to try harder every day as they challenge me, and they make me laugh and smile for some reason….just about every day.  So THANK YOU!!! I hope you have a restful holiday with your family, eat lots of turkey & watch some football & the parade….and give thanks for what you’ve got…and it’s back to the grind on Monday =)


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  • Posted: October 1, 2014 20:34


    what the little boy said was inspiring me to forgive and forget
    • Posted: October 2, 2014 01:43


      Sherley I'm glad you have been exploring the website! Thanks for commenting and come back and visit often =)
  • Posted: October 3, 2014 00:10


    I am glad too! reading and watching cool and fun videos will help me go far in life
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