Because I’m Happy

Hooray it’s Friday!!! Well that is one reason why I’m happy! This has been a GREAT week though it didn’t originally start out so great, but everything gets better right? But seriously, it has been one of my best weeks, hands down. I saw this video on Facebook last night thanks to Target’s FB page and this summed up how I felt. Pharrell Williams is one of my favorite artists and I’ve enjoyed all of his collaborations, his own duo The Neptunes, N.E.R.D., and recently I have LOVED his soundtracks for the Despicable Me movies! His song “Happy” opens Despicable Me 2 and you seriously can’t help but feel happy. The video he just released yesterday was a nice surprise and it totally makes me want to get up and dance….yet I’m no dancer! I feel it has a great message, is very catchy, and it shows everyone in every stage of life dancing…because there has always got to be some happiness in your life! I felt a profound push to show this to my students…because some days, you can sense that they are low, things might not be so great, they didn’t do as well on their quiz as they may have liked…but remember, there has always got to be some reason to be happy! So Happy Friday and get up and dance!!

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