This year we will be using the website Sumdog fairly regularly. It was a hit with my classes last year and it’s sure to be a fan favorite this year as well. Sumdog is a website that offers fun, interactive, multiplayer games to reinforce math & language arts skills. It is free to sign up and play, however there is a small fee to get all that the site has to offer & to track student progress down to their individual needs & strengths. I love that this website offers 12 month subscriptions which means the learning can continue over the summer and my students loved that I could compete with them when I had the opportunity. I will be setting up your accounts shortly and we’ll spend some time on the computer making sure you can log-in and give you an overview of what Sumdog has to offer. Get ready to play, learn & compete, all while improving your math skills!

Categories:   Math, Technology, Web 2.0


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