First Day….Monday!

Monday starts our first day at CRMS! Are you ready for a new school year?  Whether you are starting with us at Chestnut Ridge or another school…even if you’ve started last week, here are some pointers to make sure you start your school year off right!..These tips are great for students AND teachers =)

1) Always get a good night’s sleep…don’t stay up on your phone/video games/computer, etc until all hours of the night

2) Eat something for breakfast…even a piece of fruit is better than choosing to eat nothing….it’s a LOOONG time until lunch!

3) Double check your bag before you leave…do you have pens/pencils, binders, agenda, etc.

4) Make sure you show up to homeroom on time…no one likes to be the late kid on the first day…and if you aren’t in your seat by the bell…you’re LATE!

5) Speak up if you have questions!!!  Need to know how to get to the library?  Don’t know where the bathrooms are?  Who is your guidance counselor?  Don’t be afraid to ask…we are here to help!

What are your go-to ways to start off the year on the right foot?

Be sure to check back here often for HW assignments, vocab review, helpful online interactives & more!

Have a great school year!!!

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