Do you Prezi?

This year we are adding lots more tech to our classroom!

Have you ever used a website to create a presentation?  Prezi is a pretty cool, easy, straightforward way to create online presentations.

Check out the one I created below.  It is an example of the task you are to complete.

Your first assignment is to:
1) Create a free Prezi account

2) Watch the 3 videos if you need help creating your 1st Prezi

3) Create a Prezi focused on you!  You MUST include:

  •  Your Name
  • 3 of your favorite things
  • 1 slide representing your favorite subject
  • 1 slide about something you did this summer
  • 1 slide about a favorite book
  • EXTRA CREDIT: 1 slide of your own topic with a title

Leave a comment if you choose to complete this task.

Miss T

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