Love it or not….

The Oscar nominated, animated short, The Fantastic Flying Book of Mr. Morris Lessmore will either pull at your heartstrings if you already love reading, or leave you itching to pick up a book at the end of it, even if you aren’t a fan of reading.  This short film adds whimsy to reading, it touches on various aspects of literacy and pulls in familiar characters like Humpty Dumpty…and did I mention it is a beautiful example of animation? If you’ve ever loved to read, this film is for you!

(The creators of this lovely film also created iPad apps in the same style and will be adding them to my class iPad soon…I’m excited to check out the content & artwork)

It saddens me sometimes, that my students (7th graders) just don’t seem to have an interest in picking up a book for leisure.  It is difficult for them to create images from text,  to get “lost” in a good book, ….plus, as much as I am a proponent for technology in the classroom….in my opinion, technology has taken over the home, and not necessarily in a good way.  There is very little competition when it comes to books vs. video games/computers, so how do you learn to love to read when there is something to take its place all together.  Picking up a book to entertain yourself is practically unheard of.  This does not help the crusade of fostering active, self-motivated readers.  Note to parents:  READ to your children, no matter the age, or have them read to you….who wouldn’t love at least a few minutes downtime to spend with your child, read…connect, communicate =)

So this video is for you….book lovers.  And for you, non-book lovers.  Watch, enjoy, & let me know how you feel about books.  Enjoy!

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