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Date: February 22, 2012 Author: Mrs_A Categories: Homework, Interactive, Links, Math, Review, Vocab 7

What are the chances we will have a quiz this week? What are the odds we will have a snow day before spring? Is it likely there will be pizza served for lunch in the cafeteria?
Have you figured it out??
That’s right…we are starting our probability unit!
Start with getting yourself familiar with the vocabulary terms below & then watch the video and finish up by trying out some of the probability activities too!
As always, come see me if you need any assistance, and let me know when you complete an activity by leaving a comment below.

CLICK HERE-BBC Probability Interactive



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7 Comments: "Probability"

  1. Published by: matthew cintron Date: February 27, 2012


    i like all these games ms.thomas

    1. Published by: MissT Date: February 27, 2012


      That’s great Matthew! Practice playing them often…and remember your “Caps” when writing & typing 😉 See you tomorrow!
      ~Ms. T

  2. Published by: alex navarro Date: March 9, 2012


    i did math work

    1. Published by: MissT Date: March 10, 2012


      Great Alex! Go and try a different topic next…Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Published by: Aisha Date: April 3, 2012


    I tried the probability games miss Thomas there great.

  4. Published by: anisa Date: September 27, 2012


    tell Matthew i said hi

  5. Published by: anisa Date: September 27, 2012


    and everyone else

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