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Yep, been pretty busy!  My fiancee & I are moving in 2 weeks, I have stayed very late at school for conferences, school dance & SpEd/Parent meeting, etc so haven’t had much time online lately.  The iPad is still the hit of the classroom, now with students coming in and asking if & when they get to use it….so far that is a challenge, having just 1 iPad in the classroom & having time for all students to get to use it throughout the week.  The iPad has also been a bit of a carrot as well.  More students have been showing up for After School Review because we use the iPad then too!

At the Special Education parent outreach meeting last week, I was asked to speak about how I use technology in my class and was excited to highlight how we have been using the ipad in conjunction with the smartboard and got to speak about the feedback from my students.

After the meeting, some parents approached me about the price of an ipad, what apps I use, and they were asking for suggestion for apps that they could download to help their child at home.  I suggested they email me so I could send them a list of some apps, but then I thought….why not create a category on my website that has all the apps i’ve downloaded separated by subject area.  I created a Google spreadsheet (learned about this in my google class w/Erin & Andy this past summer) of all of the apps that I’m currently using/testing out.  Unfortunately they are not linked out to the app directly (sorry, but Google has not found an easy way to hyperlink in my book)  but as I add apps to the list, I will do my best to give them a direct link to download the app.

But now rather than having to email a parent with suggestions, they can visit the page & find an app that they want to download and the list is focused on areas of need.

Check out the list here…and thanks for the many suggestions that have come across the iPad app list this group is compiling!

My iPad App List

For now…back to packing!!! =)

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