First Math is back!

Next week are our quarterly exams.  But as soon as they are over, we’ll kick off our First in Math competition!!!  You’ll get your new card in math class on 11/14 and we’ll head up to the library to take a test drive of the new features.  After that, you can use First in Math at home, in school during Content Support, at Finkelstein library, friends house, library during lunch, even on your smartphone if you have one.  We’ll be giving out prizes at CRMS for students with the most achievement tokens & other accomplishments….there may even be a competition between 7th & 8th grade…check back for more details!

In the meantime…study up!  Create some flashcards from your review sheets, tell someone at least 3 facts from each subject every day, and use some of the interactives to help you review.  Don’t forget!  After School Math Review Session Monday 11/7 & Science Review Session Wednesday 11/9…or stop by during lunch.

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