Make A Difference Day

Tomorrow, Chestnut Ridge Middle School is participating in the USA Weekend’s campaign “Make A Difference Day” for the 2nd year.  The 8th graders will be traveling to local parks to lend a hand and clean up litter, elementary schools to read to the younger students, and volunteering at community organizations to get a feel for what it is like to Make a Difference to someone.  The 7th grade will be remaining at school but will participate in activities to learn how the can help make a difference using technology.

In Math we are going to read One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale, illustrated by Demi, which will reinforce the concepts of doubling & patterns.  The students will then transition to the computers.

They will be using the Website to answer questions about multiplication & algebra basics and will be rewarded by earning 10 grains of rice for each question they get correct.  This rice will be donated through the World Food Programme. It is such a great visual way for students to connect their progress with helping underprivileged areas and providing a meal by getting their answers correct.

In science we will be viewing  the video, The Dark Side of Chocolate which gives insight into the World’s chocolate trade and the lengths companies will go to make a profit.  Students will be exposed to illegal child labor and will be discussing what they can do to help bring more light to this inhumane practice.

Watch the video below to learn about the Dark Side of Chocolate

(Warning: There are violent scenes )

Can you think of ways that you can make a difference?  Post your ideas below =)

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