The Magic in My Classroom

It’s been a busy week and my blog posts took a hit, but here I am…updating about how the Ipad was utilized by my students in class this week.  We started off  Monday with our Metric Measurement Lab, which also happened to be my formal observation by my principal.  I created 6 stations, one of which was the iPad station where my students were given a guided task to practice Metric Measurement using the Splash Math app.  They worked in pairs to complete the task in 12 minutes & then would switch to their next station.  I think it was a hit.  I’ve also been using the iPad as an e-reader in class.  I read the Hunger Game series over the summer and got my students fired up about the series, however they said it wouldn’t be a book they would attempt because of their reading difficulties, but they were still really interested.  I have a nook for personal use and have the entire Hunger Game series on it, so I downloaded the Nook app yesterday and continued reading it to the students on the iPad.  One of my students even asked if there was a way I could “put the words on the smartboard” so they could see them as I read to them.  BRILLIANT!!! Now I am even more determined to go out and get the VGA cable converter to try to project the iPad onto the smartboard…I know it is possible!

Finally, today during content support 2 students were using the iPad to play Bluster which is an app that reinforces grammar skills.  The 2 students had to compete to find the correct homophones, select adjectives & nouns…..this is a task that would normally be a bit difficult for some of these students.  2 other students were completing their math work & asked if they could use the iPad. Of course I want to make sure everyone get a chance with the ipad every week, so we found out that Bluster allowed for 1 player, 2 player, & TEAMS!!! So I had 4 students using the iPad and were happily racing to identify verbs, sequencing words & rhyming words…what was going on in my classroom!?!?!? =)

Next week I’ll be showcasing the iPad at our curriculum fair & showing the parents how their kids are using the ipad and all the great ways that they can learn & have fun at the same time. I’ll be sure to let you know about the parents reactions.

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