Lab Safety

Our Lab Safety & Tools quiz is coming up on Tuesday September 13th (make sure you have it written in your agenda).  Here is a funky video I found that combines the Lab Safety Rap with one of my favorite toys….LEGOS!!!  Also, remember to review our current vocab words here

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  • Posted: September 10, 2013 10:04

    Lab Safety | (ACK)ademic™

    […] One of the first things we learn about in science is how to stay safe in the lab.  I show this quick cartoon from to my class as an intro of what to do & not to do when working in the lab.  It’s catchy & I’ll admit a little weird/silly, but it sticks with the kids and it’s not another “boring” set of rules to go over.  You can also check out another great lab safety video I’ve shown here.  […]
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