Summer Slow Down

Usually during the school year I post many times during the week whether listing homework, flashcards, or a collection of interactive websites that cover the topics we are learning in class.

Since the school year is over, I take on my summer job as Team Leader (4th year) at a somewhat local day camp for a group of kindergarten girls…. appropriately called The Snails…check out my tumblr page of last years adventures here

Back to the 2011 Snails… This group of 15-19 little girls are soo amazed by everything they see & hear…questions galore…They keep myself and the rest of my team of counselors(who ROCK by the way!) very busy & entertained throughout our daily adventures.  But boy does it take us a bit of time to get from point A to point B with them! With all their wonder and intrigue, we are wrangling them when we walk to our different locations, keeping them together when we are walking to & from the pool, keeping a constant head count because if one lags, they all lag =)  I love it though, just not this heat so much…but that is another story.

So the Snails keep me very busy and exhaust me most days, but in a good way….thus the “Summer Slow Down”

Camp is over in about three weeks and I will be returning to the blogosphere somewhat regularly as I begin to prepare for the upcoming school year….and of course I’ll be doing a little bit of traveling & lots of relaxing the last few weeks of the summer.

Here are some of the things that will be coming up soon at The Learning Pad:

* Complete overview of summer prof. development Google Tools class & projects I created for the school year

* New ideas I plan to implement in my classroom…this is the first time I will have my own classroom in 4 years & am excited to create a welcoming/bully free tech-infused math & science classroom!

*How to integrate an iPad for instructor use

* My favorite school supplies list

* Websites to start the school year off right

* Any other educational spark/idea that comes to mind from now until September!

For now, peruse some previous posts, try out some of the interactive websites, READ a BOOK, check out my Diigo links….and I’ll see ya soon!

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