NYS Regents Answer Sheet “Prep”

There is a lot of hub bub going on about the new format for answering the multiple choice questions on this year’s NYS Regents Answer Sheet.  Previously, the answers were recorded with a scantron or a preprinted bubble sheet that was hand corrected by the teachers…and all this could be done with pencil.  Now NYS has altered that format.  Answer sheets are now pre-printed with the student’s information, and rather than use pencil, they have to use Blue or Black pen only…. there are a few other changes as well.

To explain all of this better & give you a visual of what the students can expect, watch the video below that was created by Schenectady City Schools staff members, Diane Allegro & Karen Swain and was shared by Gary Putman on the Oneonta Science Listserv.  Below the video is a link to a useful handout they created as well.

Hope you find these resources useful and I wish you and your students good luck during exams!

Student Instructions Part1[1]

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