Kick for Nick

It’s Sunday, Memorial Day weekend, a day to relax & catch up on what went on during the week. I’ve got my copies of the weekend Journal News to peruse through, and Jay has ESPN SportCenter on..I like the clips on college softball, my hometown Binghamton, NY was highlighted as a “Not Top 10” sports blooper for a super extended double play against the Binghamton Mets, and my favorite part of today’s broadcast was their segment on “Kick for Nick”.  Kick for Nick is a family’s initiative to keep their son, Nick Madaras’ memory alive and spread his passion for soccer to the kids that are being affected by the ongoing unrest in the Middle East.  Nick had a special connection with the boys & girls, as he was a PFC (private first class) for the U.S. Military.  He showed them his love for soccer and would often play a pickup game with whatever materials they had on hand…and obviously soccer balls were not readily available.  Nick asked his parents to send a few soccer balls to him so that he can play the real thing with them.  Unfortunately, Nick died on September 3, 2006 in Iraq, before the soccer balls were delivered.  Nick’s passion for the game sparked a movement by his family & friends, and quickly word spread…and over 10,000 soccer balls have been collected & distributed in his honor…..and each ball has his name on it to memorialize him & let the kids know that Nick made it all happen.  Since it is Memorial Day Weekend, I felt compelled to write about Nick & his organization…..I am intending to send a few soccer balls too.  How will you remember those that have given all….care to donate a ball or 2?  At the very least…spread the word about Kick for Nick =)

Check out his website below & the video of ESPN’s story on Nick

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