Guest Blogging..my 1st attempt!

Being a guest blogger or in Curate.us terms, “curator” gives you an opportunity to reach a bigger audience while introducing new readers to your blog/website & it’s purpose.  Yesterday I was selected as a guest Curator for Curate.us…very exciting!  Curate.us is an awesome tool that allows you to find material from the web, and it “clips” it in a beautiful visual manner and allows you to use a sticky note to give more info, give a title, or in my case, I give directions for completing activities that I find.  Curate.us has been a timesaver like you would not believe and I couldn’t be more happy that I stumbled upon their technology.

Here is the link to their post about me on their blog…which I clipped using their site =)


So go out there and curate your favorite topics…and while you’re at it, try their latest tool Repost.us


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