It Gets Better

While watching Glee (I’m a Gleek…check out my previous post here) there was a commercial from Google Chrome for the “It Gets Better Project”  …it literally gave me goosebumps and I KNEW I had to write about it.  Check it out below

This ties into an ongoing theme at CRMS…Bullying is NOT cool & will not be tolerated! Currently there is an anti-bullying poster contest that is going on now at school, kids have signed anti-bullying petitions in the past & have taken surveys to give us a look into the students perception of bullying.  Also teachers began sparking conversations about bullying today by wearing these bracelets

…I was amazed by how many students came up to me and asked me where I got it, and why they wanted to wear one (See Ms. Gonzalez in Room 241..they are $1.00)

If you are being bullied…remember, seek out someone you trust and let them know! See your guidance counselor, teacher, coach, even a friend…and if you see a friend being bullied…speak up!  It’s NOT ok!

If you need further information and/or resources please check out the following websites…and remember…”It Gets Better”

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