Tagxedo Take 2

It’s the saturday night before we return to school from spring break….I’m vegging out on the couch with my significant other, watching SNL and surfing the net. Just kind of taking it easy before all of the hustle & bustle of Easter Sunday & the return to work on Monday, catching up on all of my Google Reader feeds and whatnot.  I love reading blog posts from other educators, trying out websites they suggest, google searching upcoming class topics to see what resources exist on the vast internet, updating my blog…what we all probably do when we have some moments of leisure in front of a computer (rather than schoolwork).  So, while reading a blogpost about Tagxedo,  I was inspired to create a more current word cloud of my blogs contents (for my previous post about wordclouds click here, and for the holiday cloud my students created click here.

Oh….and the colors I chose are my school’s colors….Go COUGARS!

Have you created a word cloud lately?

What would your topic be?

Here are some ideas:  Vocab Words, Song Lyrics, Poetry, Class notes, Friends Names, Favorite bands

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