Earth Day & The Roots

Late last night I posted about some ways to educate yourself & participate in Earth Day 2011 which is tomorrow (in case you forgot!)  Anyway, I realized I missed mentioning one of the most essential Earth Day websites….Earth Day Network...this website is THE  Earth Day Page and offers many ways that you can participate and learn about programs in your community………..

Ironically as I was typing up this last part to the entry I just happened to catch a commercial for the new Honda Civic and it showcased The Roots rapping about Earth Day and their love for nature & the Earth, love when those little weird things I figured I’d post the video below..pretty cool & it showcases some places in NYC like the Botanical Gardens.  By the way…another tidbit of info:  The Roots also performed in last years Earth Day Environmental Climate Rally in Washington D.C.. Guess The Roots really LOVE the Earth! =)

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