Mamadukes T.

Earlier this year I wrote about my class Skyping with my mom for the Rockland Read-in Program  (read the post here) .  After the story was over, my students had the opportunity to reflect on the day’s events and some even typed up thank you letters that I mailed to my mom to read.  In return, my mom hand wrote a note (rare these days) back to my class.  In it she mentioned the students who wrote to her by name, and thanked each personally.  She even wrote to my student Michael and expressed her love for the Yankees as well…It was really nice to be able to read this to my kids and see their excitement about being mentioned and to have such a positive moment with them.  I would have let the students read the letter themselves, but my mom loves writing in a funky calligraphic script that even I have only learned to decipher later on in my life…Love ya Mom!

Anyway to follow up, today I got a nice random email from my mom (she is slightly techno-phobic) so it was a nice surprise in my inbox early this morning.  I wanted to post it here because my mom is an amazing person and  I wanted her to know that little things like this really make my day….and when I talk to my students about it….it makes their  day as well!


“dear lauren (miss thomas)   just a note to let you know i have been thinking about your kids—i read your learning pad everyday and i hope they are all doing well.  tell your students i wish them all the best, and look forward to seeing them, and reading to them on skype    love you and love to your kids     from mamadukes t.” *


*this was also how she ended her letter to my students =)

I love how one little post on facebook asking for volunteers turned into my MOM suggesting to Skype and has turned into a nice exchange between her & my class.  I also love how not only was there an infusion of technology that day, but also there was the “pen-pal” aspect with the snail mail rather than everyday email.  Finally, I love that even though my mom lives 2 1/2 hours away, that she can still be a part of my life and loves to be a part of what I do in the classroom even though she can’t actually visit.  I think that is pretty awesome =)

I can’t wait to get the opportunity for my students to Skype with my mom again either…but for now it will have to wait so we can begin to prepare for upcoming exams….but we will definitely skype again before the end of the year

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