And now for a palate cleanser

I admit it…I’m a GLEEK…and a bit of a geek…some of my students may even think i’m a nerd….but so what?  I wasn’t always a “nerd”  I actually struggled in school and found math & science (the 2 subjects I now teach as a special educator)  to be very difficult.  However, rather than give up, I overcame some obstacles and turned it into a wonderful (though challenging at times) career.

The reason I bring this all up is because last night on Glee, they debuted 2 new original songs: “Get It Right” & “Loser Like Me”.  At first I didn’t think I would like their new tunes, but instead I found them to have a wonderful message that I’m sure most people could relate to.  I decided to post these songs so my students could take a listen and maybe see that

1) there are times in our lives where it feels that we can’t get it right….but things seem to work out for the most part if you keep at it

2) there is nothing wrong with being a “loser”, nerd, geek, dork, or whatever the name of they day is…be happy being you and push yourself to accomplish whatever you want…no matter if it is “cool” or not….because in reality most bullies “wanna be a loser like me”     ENJOY!

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