Winter Break

Winter break is here…but it’s weird because here I am on a Sunday with literally NOTHING to do! We are off from school this week and there is no rush to lesson plan. I’m one of those people that always needs to be doing something so here is my list of things to do:

1) Read (currently reading New York on my Nook Color….and Little Bee trade paperback (my faves)
2) Relax
3) Begin the Edublog Challenge-30 days to get your class blogging (more on this later)
4) Get some new tires..gotta take care of your car!
5) Grade some tests & write reports
6) Lunch with friends
7) Read…need to catch up on my magazine subscriptions…I <3 READING!!
8) Sleep a little longer
9) Cook some yummy meals
10) Tutor
11) Clean & organize a little bit around the house
12) Topping off the week with a trip to the spa for a long overdue massage

Then on the weekend it starts all over again….Lesson planning & coming up with some new ideas for the week (I secretly look forward to this!).

So what are you planning to do this week? I definitely suggest relaxing & reading…but what else?
Here are some ideas:
1) Watch the Marcel The Shell Video
2) Read
3) Relax
4) Clean out your bookbag/Organize your binder etc.
5) Help your family prepare a meal
6) Try out one of these activities about atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere
7) Watch Swagger Wagon
8) Find an appropriate, feel good video from YouTube and leave the link as a comment and I’ll repost it!
9) Which reminds me….If you like what you see on this website and would like to help write & post materials to a blog…leave me a comment! Also, if you have any suggestions for a Class Blog Name….leave me a comment!
10) Try out some of these activities on combining like terms, substitution, translate expressions, function machines, plot points

Bottom line….enjoy your time off, but be productive! I feel these times are a way to re-center & refocus on what’s ahead of you and re-energize yourself for the rest of the quarter. After all, the Learning Pad’s motto is “Review, Refresh, Remind”      ENJOY!!!!

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