Phase Changes

Flip through the activities  below to review how energy transformation results in phase changes





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    how do u interpret figure 7 if u know how help me
    • Posted: January 9, 2012 18:22


      Autumn, As energy is absorbed from the environment, Ice will go from a solid to a liquid as water, and water will evaporate into vapor/steam. When energy is released from steam, it condenses into liquid form as water, and then it continues to release energy and cool back into it's solid state of ice. The exceptions are sublimation and deposition. Sublimation is when a solid skips the liquid phase and goes directly to the gas phase (think dry ice). Deposition is when vapor/gas skips the liquid stage and goes directly to the solid phase (think frost on windshields in the winter). Try this: Take 1 ice cube out of the freezer & put it in an empty glass. Observe the ice cube for the next 10-15 it in the same form? What do you notice around the cube? Is there even any ice cube left? Leave the liquid water in the glass for a few days & don't touch it. Make your observations: Is there still liquid in the glass? If there is still it the same amount as the first day you set the glass aside? Where did the liquid go? Hope this helps! Miss T
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