School Supply MUST HAVES

As August begins, the new school year is one step closer….the best way to start your year is with the right school supplies.

The newspaper is flooded with sale ads from Office Max, Staples, etc…so check your local store for these items:

2-3 Inch Binder with inside cover pockets– Any binder is KEY to keeping your school papers/notes/worksheets organized and easy to find!

Make sure it has pockets inside the front and back cover for added storage.

See Through Binder Pockets– You need a way to separate out your subjects…and you need as much storage as possible!

These binder pockets are great because they are see through so you can easily locate your materials. Also, try to look for pockets that are 2 sided….that way you can put your homework assignments/vocab/study materials on one side…and other worksheets/past tests, etc on the other.

Post-It Tabs– These removable tabs are the BEST way to keep your place in books you are reading for class, textbook assignments, hold your spot in your daily planner, tab your notebook/binder for the next page to continue your notes…these tabs have endless uses!

Available in many colors too 🙂

Hi-lighters (at least 2 different colors)- I recommend at least 2 colors so that you can keep track of vocabulary words (1 color) and words that you might be unfamiliar with (1 color) so you can look it up or ask your teacher what it means.

I suggest making a list inside the cover of your binder of ongoing vocabulary lists as a quick reference too!

Binder Pencil Case-This pencil holder is great because it fits in just about any 3-ring binder and is roomy enough for scissors, white out, etc.

Make sure you have pens & pencils for class!!!

Binder Hole Puncher- Make sure you have one of these in your binder for those times you get a quiz/worksheet that isn’t pre-punched…beats waiting for the hole puncher to come around the rows so you can use it. They are cheap & slim so it doesn’t take up much space in your binder

ASSIGNMENT PAD- This is THE MOST IMPORTANT school supply for you to purchase!!

I prefer an actual assignment pad such as this rather than a mini notebook.

These have pre-marked pages for each class, goal setting lists for long term projects and calendars to keep you on track. I also like this type because it has pre-punched holes so that it can be kept right inside your binder

Use this combined with the Post-It tabs listed above to keep yourself on track and ORGANIZED!!!

Good Luck shopping or click on the pictures above to purchase online

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    Marta Krolick

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