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Diffusion Through A Membrane Lab Review

Date: January 13, 2010 Author: Mrs_A Categories: Class Notes, Review 4

I LOVE trolling the internet searching for new ideas & resources to bring into the classroom…and share on here.
Here is a great review power point on Osmosis/Diffusion created by Bethany Spence


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4 Comments: "Diffusion Through A Membrane Lab Review"

  1. Published by: admin Date: January 13, 2010


    This video was great!

  2. Published by: ofigennoe Date: February 3, 2010


    Мне кажется очень полезная штука.

    1. Published by: MissT Date: February 3, 2010


      WoW!!! My First comment in Russian!
      Now at first I didn’t understand what it said, but a quick copy, and paste into igoogle and I was able to figure out the comment says:
      “I think a very useful thing.”

      Thank you!!!

  3. Published by: Sara Date: February 7, 2010


    Thank you! I added this page to bookmark)) I think would be useful …

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